A Morning Down on the Farm

Thursday 18th November 2010

When I woke up on Sunday morning , I looked out of the window and just thought “EUGH”! It was a cold , dank , dismal day with quite frankly not alot going for it !The kids were shouting and arguing downstairs , th’usband was banging about with breakfast pots in the kitchen…. the kettle wasn’t even boiling ! I had two choices …. go back to bed ( a very attractive prospect one must admit) or get up , get motivated and DO SOMETHING ! Despite my body screaming “Ju Ju Go back to bed .. please …!” my head won the day and I got myself up and at’em !

After a few umms and ahhhs the decision was made that we would head on over to Bluebells Dairy ! The kids absolutely love it there and it’s just right for two manic 3 year olds and a mardy 10 year old … plus they have gooooooood ice cream !!

So all togged up in woolly jumpers , winter coats and welligogs .. we get in the car and head on over ! Unfortunately due to the weather the owners had had to shut the play area and small farm area , as the ground was sodden and ruined ! Luckily for us one of the very lovely and friendly ladies got a few of the animals out for the children to stroke and feed ! So filled with glee the twins got to stroke fluffy bunnies , and a pony and a donkey !! I , however , took great pleasure in watching the ducks and happily quacked along with their merry tune ! Much to Bills absolute horror !! Hee hee !

So the twins and Bill had a little play on the toy tractors before demanding we head inside on a day as cold as ice for some of the now infamous and totally gorgeous Bluebells ice cream !! Whilst I got th’usband and kids happpily ensconced in chomping away on double chocolate and mint crisp I headed off into the shop to see what I could see !

The delights of this little farm shop are amazing .. not only can you gorge yourself silly on homemade cakes , hot steaming soup and other such loveliness , you can also purchase a veritable banquet of local fresh produce .. from bread , to Derbyshire honey , to fantastic meat cuts ,cheese,pies, mushroom selections, fresh fruit and veg …… jars and jars of wonderful pickles and preserves , and confectionery by the bucketful …….. there is so much in a small space I felt like a small child again staring around in wonderment !!! And then … joy of joys .. I espied a sign … “This Way to our Christmas Marquee ” …….

Boy oh boy !!! Christmas cakes , chocolates , biscuits , puddings , sauces , jars and jars of differently wonderful chutneys and jams … frozen deserts … (Oh how I longed for that tiramisu ….) It was truly beautiful …. tables and tables of Christmas fare , the majority local , AMAZING !!!! The decor in the marquee is fabulous ..and it just felt like walking into Christmas !!

Eventually I headed back to my boys , reluctantly , truth be known as I would have been happy to snuggle in front of the warm fire with the farm cat and stay there until new year !! I certainly wouldn’t have gone hungry !!

I then took the boys in and although the twins are reknown for being whirlwinds of destruction .. it did take them a minute or two of “wow” factor before the destruction began and they had to be forcibly removed … fighting to remove the Christmas puds and puppets from their small yet firm grasps !! Billy loved it .. and I have promised to take him back for another wee look when someone can have the terrors for me ….

The boys then headed outside and after playing some more on the tractors , and playing with the big friendly farm dog … we headed home .. frozen to the bone but very very happy !!!!! A sense of absolute calm .. and damn near perfection that you get rarely and lasts fleetingly !

If anyone is in the area I would highly recommend a visit to Bluebells …. I love it and am always immensely sad when I have the urge to go and discover its Tuesday… as that’s the only day they are closed !!! Santa’s coming next week … and I’m not sure who’s more excited ??


Brunswood Farm ,Locko Road , Derby DE21 7BU


One thought on “A Morning Down on the Farm

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, bluebells sounds like a fantastic place to visit !
    Looking forward to hearing you’ve returned and brought some chrismassy goodies !

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