Fabulous Places … Sunday Treat

November 24th 2010 .. a cold frosty Wednesday ….

Sunday , saw me and the Billster head off into Pride Park to visit The Fabulous Places Christmas Market , held in the most impressive surroundings of The Roundhouse . Despite being Derby born and bred and living only a stones throw from Pride Park I have never visited this part of  the development ! I was most impressed I have to admit ….. ! And what a perfect setting for the market !

As we approached The Roundhouse we were greeted by a very tall (and very cold) chap surrounded by Christmas trees ….. Hire a tree his billboard screamed …. What a fantastical idea .. although hiring a tree is most impractical in my house as to hire implies you have to return it …. not much get returned in one piece when the terrible twins have had their hands on it , let me tell you !!! (Case in point .. library book unreturned this very day due to having been shredded by his Lordship Master of Destruction Ted ! ) Grrr !! I digress ………..

After paying my pound and heading into the market .. STOP ! Tombola first … I have never seen a child be so fanatical about a tombola ! Billy would spend all his money on go after go on the tombola …. However , I allowed him a pound (Its for charity, mate ) and … he never won ! Right so we headed off into the market ……. WOW ! the hustle and bustle was amazing … people milling about everywhere and a whole circle of goodies to peruse .. from vintage crockery , button necklaces , notebooks , soaps , creams , chutneys , jams , cakes , cakes and cakes …… and there before us like an oasis in the desert was Bluebells … ! Billy could hardly contain himself ! One double chocolate scoop if you dont mind awfully … ! One happy ten year old … Phew ! Onwards we went … cookie s , decorative tiles , vintage jewellery , handmade bags , cushions …. Jamie Oliver goodies …. wine .. cheese ….. Oh my oh my ! It was just Christmas excitement overload for this Juju !!

Now being extremely close to payday … I unfortunately had very few pennies in my pocket for spends ! Which in one way is a good thing as I could quite easily have done my entire Christmas shop there and then … (and I’ve actually already done it all …)! So choosing wisely Idecided to head to Cameo Cakes … a company I hear about regularly and have only heard good things about ! I purchased 9 mini cupcakes for £4 ! Happily ensconced in their little white box and white paper bag I wandered around the rest of the market .. salivating at the thought of a nice cuppa and a cake when back home in the warm !!

On we continued …. beer , more wine , books , honey , cakes , cakes , cookies , gingerbread ……OH MY ! It was just fabulous ! I had a few little tasters .. and very much enjoyed each and every one ! We eventually headed down to Jack Rabbits .. where unfortunately the queues were huge … and Billy being “too hungry to wait” made the executive decsion to have one last browse and head on home for dinner… or in my case, CAKE !!!! Another go on the tombola ….. and home we headed …

The market was absolutely fantastic ….. a foodie delight and a gifties delight too ! Well done to the Fabulous Places Team …..My only regret about the day … (apart from being skintus Mcflintus) was that I forget to buy an I Love Derbyshire shopping  bag …… maybe next time ….

CAKE !!!!!!!!!! So I got home … kettle on ….. and after having the cake box ransacked by small boys I chose myself an orange & poppyseed cupcake … made a steaming hot mug of tea and munched on down !

Oh it was wonderful … like a little morsel of orangey delightfulness ….. Just fantastic ! A burst of Christmas sunshine on a cold , grey , damp Sunday ! Wonderful ! The boys very much enjoyed their s too … from what I could make out between rammed in mouthfuls …… ! I sneakily hid a vanilla choc chip cupcake … I saved that for later 🙂


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