It’s Christmas ……

December 23rd 2010

I didn’t want Christmas to come and go without having a thought for my elite blog faithful ! This last few weeks has been consumed by a whirlwind of activity of massive proportions …. from the snow and ensuing chaos at the beginning of the month to the closure of schools due to frozen pipes … then the deep freeze .. I believe we got to minus 15 in parts of Derbyshire … Brrrrrrrrrr ! The Christmas plays … incidently , the twins make a fantastic donkey(Ted) and angel number 10 (Frank)… the school discos … the illnesses …..  and then the inevitable last minute panic that Christmas brings in to even the most prepared of hearty souls !

I have spent the last week or so .. inbetween everything else making sure that my Christmas baking didn’t go amiss … as it would have been all to easy to nip down to Birds for mince pies , and freeze the cake I’d baked and head to Sainsburys for a Christmas bar … who would have really cared ?? Except me ?? Well it turns out quite alot of people would have cared … and I am very grateful to them for letting me know that my home baked wares are much , much more appreciated than anything shop bought and “easy” !!!

So even on the bleakest of nights when weariness has set into my bones I have been elbow deep in flour and icing sugar .. and pastry cutters and rolling pins … and a merry banquet of baked Christmassy loveliness was born … !

And now my lovely people I aim to drink wine and have a thoruoghly lovely time with th’usband and my gorgeous boys ! Christmas lunch with the oldies and Boxing day down in Twickenham with my baby brother (OK he’s 27  6′ tall and a scary bald rugby playing school teacher … but he’ll always be my baby) , my sister and her family and my brothers fiance and her clan ……

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter !!!

See you in the New Year with Juju’s Top 50 challenge ………….

One Love xxxxxx


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