In the words of ABBA … Happy New Year !

January 2nd 2011

Happy New Year my blog faithful and a Happy New Year to any new friends …..!!!!

Happy New Year ...

Christmas has been a mighty fine time full of food , drink , drink , food and a few pressies thrown in for good measure ! The kids have thoroughly sated themselves with chocolate morning , noon and night for the last 10 days …. and actually SO HAVE I !! Although I was sensible enouh to bake a ham and have that too, accompanied by lots of cheese and some other deli delights … oh and crisps .. lots and lots of crisps … ! But I reckon the highlight of the Christmas food … apart from my baked delights (of course) had to be the discovery of M & S ‘s Chocolate pretzels …..  oh Happy Day indeed !! Quick go get some NOW before the Christmas lines end …. the salty pretzel covered in sweet milk chocolate generously scattered with mini candy balls …….. Ooooooh I say !!!!! Need I say more …..?

Ok so before the festivities I mentioned my 2011 Challenge … well .. here it is !!!

On Dec 1st I sat watching the Good Food channel …. when upon my screen did the lovely (yet really rather annoying) Ainsley Harriot pop up declaring that he had the Ultimate list of 50 things to eat before you die ….. ! As my ears pricked up and I grabbed a notebook and pen .. my challenge materialised right before my very eyes …… ! Hugh Fearnley – Whittingstal was talking to me , Ainsley was lulling me with his soft patter …. and various others were expounding the delights and horrors of lots of wonderful .. and not so wonderful foods !!!

So although I am planning on living well past the end of 2011 (God willing …) I also plan to eat all 50 foods that I must eat before I die before Big Ben chimes to welcome in 2012 !!! Now these foods were presented in an order from 50 – 1 .. which is all fine and well but a few things may take me a while to source and devise recipes to make palatable ……. so I have decided to do them out of synch ! This challenge presents me with one HUGE issue and one mountain I should have conquered many many years ago …… I haven’t actually eaten fish or seafood for approximately 16 years … I’m just not a mad keen fan of it preferring to indulge in meat …. and veggies and CHEESE ! lol !! Now in this Top 50 .. 16 foods are fish/seafood based …. this my friends could prove very very interesting  ! YIKES !!

Now before I sign off in search of my first taste adventure I shall furnish you with the list so that you can all keep tabs on me … and please please offer recipe suggestions .. or places I should go to to try out these delectable dishes ! Talk to me peeps ….. Its a wild adventure but by God we’re gonna have fun ……..

Top 50 Things to Eat Before You Die

50 – Cornish Pasty

49- Caviar

48- Haggis

47-Jerk chicken , pork or/and beef


45-Roast Beef & Yorkshire pud

44-Rack of BBQ Ribs


42-Dorian Fruit


40-Meat pie , mash & mushy peas


38-Kebab (Doner & Shish was shown …)


36- Barramundi




32-Guinea Pig (but after much discussion …. we have changed this to rabbit …….)



29-American Diner Breakfast


27-fajitas & Chicken mole

26-Burger & fries

25-Greek Mezze



22-Kangeroo Steak



19-Cream Tea

18-Roast Lamb

17-Cheesecake (they showed Choc Mousee Cheesecake ….. Mmmmmmmmmm!)


15-Fresh Pasta


13-BBQ (just a general BBQ … reckon I can manage that !)

12-Clam Chowder

11 -Morten bay Bugs (I am sooooo not looking forward to this ….)

10-Dublin Bay Prawns




6-Ice Cream

5-Chinese food

4-Thai Food

3-Kobi Steak


and drum roll please …. the Top Food EVERYONE should experience at least once before heading off to meet your make is ………..

FISH & CHIPS !!!!!!

So there we have it peeps ….My New Year Challenge …….. BRING IT ON !!!!! (PS Did I say Im on a new diet too ??? ooooh Lummy !!!!)




4 thoughts on “In the words of ABBA … Happy New Year !

  1. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Looking forward to a feast in 2011, and also your face when we do the Oysters. Xx

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