Has 2011 started yet ….?

January 17th 2011 a strangely sunny mild winters afternoon …

Well what can I say ? January started so promisingly , but for the last week or so this wannabe has been knocked for six with the dreaded lurgy ! I’m not exactly up and at them right now … more kind of sitting up , sniffling and feeling a teensy bit sorry for myself  whilst watching the world fall into a lovely 2011 rythm of life around me !! Blinkin’ swine flu …. grrrrrrr !

 However I was getting so fed up and increasingly frustrated at doing nothing but cough and cry and cough and sneeze and snore and cry and cough …. you get the picture that I got to thinking of all the things that I would like to achieve in 2011 to realise some of my true foodie potential and help to improve my sunny disposition (ahem!) to become so much brighter and to start to find my way in the world of food … instead of searching aimlessly and somewhat blindly in the hope that something will reach out and grab me instead ……

So here are Juju’s 2011 Goals/aims/aspirations/resolutions … call them what you like … its what I want to do and where I want to be when 2012 starts shouting around the proverbial corner ……..

1) is my well documented Top 50 challenge (watch this space for the first installment …)

2) I feel as a mother and a lover of food that I really out to share the love of food and teach my boys to cook ! The twins at age 3 already love mucking in and getting sticky  , but , Bill at almost 11 is a little work shy ! So we have decided that 2011 is his year to learn how to cook …… to get him to explore new foods , try new tastes and just learn that new is not always bad .. different can be enjoyable ! And Macaroni Cheese is not the be all and end all of “the most amazing meal ever “…

3)I aim to get myself out and about more exploring all the foodie delights this wonderful county of mine has to offer …. lots of deli’s , farmers markets , food fayres etc etc .. any tips gratefully received !!

4)I aim to trawl through my multinudinous recipe books and cook at least one new meal each week ..

5) I aim to get out there and share this great love of good food with as many people as possible .. to smile and make food our friend NOT our enemy !!! Enjoy food and help others to embrace the good and the great that is out there …

6) I want to start a foodie sharing group …. an online community ….. a community for sharing news , trials , errors , successes … everything ! Food is so emotive .. don’t bottle it up .. SHARE !!!!! I’ve made  a start with this on facebook … www.facebook.com/awannabefoodie  come and join us …..

7)I will blog regularly and document my highs , my lows , my downright daft mistakes and my culinary genius (should it appear at any time !)

8) I also aim to incorporate into this great love affair with food ,the fact that as a portly old soul I do need to lose weight …. and who says it can’t be done whilst enjoying all the delights on offer ??? I want to lose weight for me … for my own self esteem and more importantly for my own health ….  I don’t want to be reaching 40 the size of a beached whale .. so I figure start the slimdown now .. it gives to me 5 years to achieve success ….. hee hee !!!

and last but not least ….. Not so much a foodie goal .. but a personal one …..

9) I would like to arrange a street party for the Royal Wedding ! I’m not exact;ly a Royalist but I have such happy memories of a street party for Charles& Diana I think that my boys deserve  a happy memory of Wills & Kate’s big day …. and whether it be in our cul de sac or in our back garden … I shall be flying the flag , baking cakes and arranging wheelbarrow races … rain or shine .. and all the kids will be invited … Mums & Dads , Grans & Grandpa’s too …….. A real time to celebrate and enjoy being British for once ! To dash away the doom and gloom of Bad Blighty ………….

So thats me …. some may say I’ve had too much time to think whilst I’ve been wasting away in my sick bed drinking hot lemon and honey and dosing up on Day & Night nurse … and some may very well be right ….. But to not have a goal is to not live …. so I guess having a few no matter how mundane or how adventurous they may appear can only mean that this wannabe is on the mend and is just about ready to start living her 2011 !

2011 is my year my friends ……. and I’m gonna live it !!!!!  Hop on and join the ride …………. xxx


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