Eggless Horror …..

Thursday 27th January 2011

Oh my dearest dearest Blog faithful … I have been having a right old time of it of late !! The dreaded piggy lurgy came and grabbed me by the neck and knocked me for six …  So just as I thought I was on the mend .. it came and took my legs away from under me and left me in a great big phlegmy mess !! Which was nice …….

So anyway …. I’m here now and ready to regale you with a very harsh lesson I learned ! This being ….. When you are very ill and can hardly stand ..Do Not and I repeat DO NOT take on an order for a cake you have NEVER baked before in your life ! This been the much maligned (and rightly so ….) EGGLESS SPONGE !!

I trawled internet page after internet page and found a recipe I decided sounded like it could be a winner .. for some reason I was reaching a mental block about the addition of vinegar to a cake so I went for a plain and simple eggless sponge recipe ….. ! I had no idea what would happen .. or if it would be a success or a giant humiliating failure !!

Now bear in mind I was baking this cake whilst having to take breaks evey 2 minutes to sit on the cold floor of the kitchen and generally sob my eyes out whilst it felt like someone had thrown me in a sauna and was stabbing knives into my chest and shoulder blades …… not an ideal situation ! The mixture was so easy and had I been fit , would have been amazingly effortless …. the baking was quick and easy ! RESULT ! Or not ….. as I left it to cool in the tin and then turned it out … it crumbled to cakey dust … piles and piles of sweet tasting crumbs ! My heart broke , right there and right then … I was inconsolable … the tears escaped in cascades of sadness !!! But ever the trooper … It’s the Scot in me I reckon … I got up .. cleaned down … and got me a baking sprint on ! Flu wasn’t going to stop me .. and neither was a crumbling bloomin eggless sponge ….. aaaaaagh !!I ended up baking 6 …. SIX sponges …. 3 ruined and dead ! 3 I stacked and filled with jam and lemon buttercream … as requested …… It wasnt perfect and I was a bit dubious about its edibility … but I boarded it , boxed it and sent it on its merry way to Coventry …… !

I have never cried so much in my entire life ….. over a cake anyhow ! Not even my fisherman cake .. but i’ll save him for a slow week …. 🙂 !! Unfortunately I have no photo’s to show you as I hated the cake so much I couldn’t bear to waste what little energy I had on finding a camera … sorry folks !

For those interested … the recipe is as follows …

80z SR Flour

2tsp Baking powder

6oz Caster Sugar

6 tbsp sunflower oil

1 tsp Vanilla extract

8 fl oz/ 240ml water

preheat oven 180 degress celsius and grease /line (grease WELL) 2 x 8″ tins

Sift flour & baking powder , stir in caster sugar, add oil , water and vanilla extract , mix well with spoon until smooth .

Pour into tins and bake for 25-30 mins

Allow to cool fully before turning out !

NOTE : THis cake will crumble very very easily ! BEWARE !!!!!!!

(Recipe taken from )

By the way …. the lady who ordered the cake is the HCA at work … so I was dreading seeing her in case it had been awful ! They loved it … I kid you not !!!! They thoroughly enjoyed it ……. I cannot express in words how relieved I was to hear that !!! In fact .. she’s earmarked me to do anothe one at a later date ……. I reckon I’ll get a bit more practice in for then though !!! Lord love us ….. hee hee xxxx


3 thoughts on “Eggless Horror …..

  1. What a nightmare! I don’t think I’ll be trying that one – I’m a firm believer in cakes made the traditional way and that calls for eggs (and butter too). Glad it turned out well in the end.

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