Risotto, Risotto ….Lemon Pork Risotto (with a bit of a terrine thrown in …)

Monday 31st January 2011

Over the last few months I have been helping a very lovely lady who is launching her very first book in May/June of this year ! The most recent recipe has been a Lemon Pork Risotto !!! YUMMY SCRUMMY (In fact have just had another bowlful …… hee hee )

Now when Vanessa placed her plea for recipe testers QUICK  I have to admit I scanned her list and was mentally working out which would be easiest and cheapest to make .. a ) because I was feeling cowardly and b ) because Im a bit skint !  But in the end I gave myself a big hoof up the rear and decided to go out on a limb and make something I would normally shy away from ! I mean who better to test the validity of a recipe than someone who quite frankly didnt really have much of a clue about risotto ( I know I know .. Its easy peasy blah blah blah ….. but its something I’ve never cooked …….Until Now …….) ! So I sent an email declaring I shall take on the lemon pork risotto … oh and happy days .. how glad am I that I did ???

The recipe came through and I had a minor heart attack when I saw  a recipe for Terrine …Oh my word !! terrine !! aaaargh ! But as I scanned .. in true Prepped fashion .. the 2nd recipe appeared and all was well with the world ! So again not one to shy away I decided to do them both ! I was having a dinner party and the terrine would be the perfect starter !

I started off on Thursday morning on The Great Ham Hock Hunt ….. I managed to buy them for £1.59 each (Bargainous !) from a well known supermarket (beginning with M !) and then I set about collecting together the rest of the ingredients ! Most of which I am pleased to announce could be found in my well stocked and often duplicated cupboards ! And so to work …. I placed 2 hocks in a pan on the hob .. lobbed in the honey , star anise , cardamon pods , juniper berries and cloves poured over water and set off on a low heat for 8 hours ! the other hock I dressed the same but placed in a slow cooker on low for 8 hours ! The smells were mesmerising such a heady aroma drifting about the house ! Wonderful !

The next day when the hocks were well and truly cooked and the stock was well and truly rich and beautiful … I stripped the hocks of the meat and was gratified to have such a wonderful stash of dark pink meat all smelling (and tasting ) deliciously decadent .. I then set about making the immensely easy terrines … 6 small ramekins (tho the recipe said 4 .. I had 6 ample portions for a starter)  .. half of the meat and then tarragon and lemon zest with a drizzle of stock ! EASY PEASY !!!! I was truly amazed … they got wrapped in clingfilm and put in the fridge ready for my guests the following day !

And now to my triumph …. a dish of which I am truly proud ! The Lemon Pork Risotto ….. !! Oh my oh my oh my ..

I prepped all that needed prepping , shallots , garlic , tarragon ….. I followed each and every easy step to the letter ….. I coated my rice with the butter and the onions and the garlic … I poured in the beautifully rich scented pork stock I stirred to my heats content and amazingly I produced a huge pan ful of the most amazing risotto I have ever seen ! OK maybe I’m a bit biased but truly … the ease of this recipe is fantastic ! Anybody could make these dishes and feel like a michelin starred chef …. ! I proudly presented th’usband with a huge bowl of the aromatic triumph and he ate the whole lot with a huge grin on his face ! He thought it was fantastic ( and he’s not adverse to telling me when something is a bit rubbish ……. ) I dived into my bowl and was delighted by the heavenly meal ….It was gorgeous !

This recipe is so easy and a little bit of legwork definitely produces amazing results !!! I shall defiitely be making both dishes again in the future … quite often I shouldnt wonder ! An inexpensive , easy to follow absolute blast ! Vanessa .. you rock !

You can follw vanessa’s journey over on her blog www.prepped.co.uk and if you hop on over to amazon you can pre-order her book .. so when the time comes you too can be prepped and ready to go … perfect for the short time foodie (of which I am one) !!!

(Oh and as for the Terrine …. watch this space for my Birthday Dinner Party blog … coming soon ….. )


6 thoughts on “Risotto, Risotto ….Lemon Pork Risotto (with a bit of a terrine thrown in …)

  1. I am sooo glad you liked it! It is just delicious and as you said really simple to make. Getting two dishes cooked together like this is just so efficient on shopping, cooking and washing up ! Thank you so much for testing this and writing about it ! What a fabulous dinner party you must have had!!!


  2. Hi there,
    I’m Lazza65 on Twitter. Just wanted to say how good it is to meet a fellow mum of three little ones who loves to blog and tweet about food! I’m slowly putting together a blog myself and am really enjoying it so far even with my limited knowledge of computers setting back a bit.
    You seem to have embraced what seems to be a very friendly food community with open arms, which is great to see and read about.
    Take care, Laura x

    • Welcome aboard Laura ! It is a very welcoming community and I’ll be happy to introduce you to everyone …. any questions just ask .. we’ll all try our best to help !! xx and hey being a mum of 3 trying to be a PERSON in your own right aint no mean feat … I try and fail fequently …. xx lovely to meet you x

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