Vanessa Kimbell’s Lemon Polenta Savoury muffins …

Friday 11th February 2011…

I was sent this recipe by Vanessa (who you really should all be following at … she really is the next new star …) and decided that with it being a savoury muffin  that the best way to get the boys “down ” with the idea was to invite Billster (the 10 yo ) to join me in making them ! We both read the recipe and  collected together the ingredients …. well …. everything except the eggs which we discovered had been eaten earlier in the day by th’usband …… (Harumph ensued!) ! So whilst he dashed around to the co-op to rectify the situation .. Bill and I set about preparing our workspace ! Now my kitchen is no luxurious space believe me … and worktop space is a bare minimum … Very frustrating .. so we muddled on the best we could !

The recipe itself was so very easy to follow and the ingredients very easy to source ! Even the lemon syrup … which I didn’t have .. so whilst pottering about earlier in the day I boiled up a pan of syrup to use in the recipe ! So off we set ! Billy did all the stirring and mixing whilst I did all the weighing and watchful supervision  ! Easy as …… Polenta muffins ! We hit a snag when it came to putting our muffins in tins …. I dont actually own a “muffin tin” and certainly not one to accomodate the ample 20 muffins this recipe provides ! So as ever .. this wannabe did what she does best and got my impro on ! Cake tins were produced and natty little blue and red gingham cupcake cases were placed in the tins to provide us with our muffin cases !!!

Billy .... happy in his baking groove

The oven was pre heated .. the muffins were put in place and the wait was on ! Billy had starved himself through tea time eagerly awaiting his muffins and the promised Covent Garden Minestrone soup that I had picked up for him on my lunch break ….. ! Like a cat on a hot tin roof .. he was restless and impatient and eager ….. Absolutely amazing ! This is the boy who thinks every meal should consist of macaroni cheese OR KFC !

The oven started beeping .. I heard his physical cry of joy .. and I have to admit I was a tad excited too !!! The glorious waft of lemon and herbs that was encasing the house was phenomenal ……  ! So soup heating , muffins cooling ….. Life was good ! They were , even if I do say so myself , an absolute triumph ! So triumphant in fact I ate 3 in succession ….. (then couldn’t eat my tea …….ooops)  and I then ate 2 for breakfast the next day AND 2 at Lunch ….. I have also frozen a tempting 8 muffins for when the soup monster strikes !!

Tea Time


For a savoury bake I was slightly apprehensive …. but they are truly fab ! And as ever Vanessa’s recipe has won the day ! Billy loved it … the twins liked them … although they were , to be fair, much more interested in the lemon drizzle cake I had also made (Oh another Prepped recipe … and a useful way to use the syrup I made for the muffins!) … Even my Mum loved these muffins after an initial .. “ooh a ‘savoury’ muffin … are you sure” moment …. My Dad did decline ! But he notoriously eats sweet … all the time not as a treat ! Hahahahah !

Fabbilicious …… a definite bake again ! Cheers Vanessa ! And Cheers Billy for some fantastic stirring and mixing skills … I’ll make a foodie of you yet son !

..... and it's gone ..... !


2 thoughts on “Vanessa Kimbell’s Lemon Polenta Savoury muffins …

  1. what a lovely picture you paint of cooking with your son and although these don’t immediately appeal to me (I have a sweet tooth too!!) I shall take your word for it and give them a go when I can get my hands on the eagerly awaited Prepped.

    Louise x

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