Valentines ? Really ….. ?

February 14th 2011

Well .. Happy Valentines Day folks ! To be honest I made the decision to cancel Valentines this year , with being a bit skint , and with th’usband working a 12 hour lorry driving shift …. it seemed pretty pointless ! However , I neglected to inform th’usband of this cancellation and was duly presented with a CD (not the most romantic .. but he knows me well and you can’t go wrong with buying me some music ……) on Saturday (when he learned of the aforementioned cancellation ….. !) and I got a lovely card this morning !

So yesterday I got to thinking … how can I show all of my boys how much I love them anymore than I already do ??? The decision was through the medium of cookies ….. remembering the old saying ….. “cookies make the heart grow fonder …” (artistic license daaaaahling !) ! Last night I whipped up a batch of cookie dough .. ably assisted by my new found kitchen friend Billy …. and popped it in the fridge to rest overnight !

The recipe used was Nigella Lawson’s “Feast” – so I was pretty sure I was going to get a good result ! And I did …. This very afternoon when all children were happily at their learning places .. and th’usband was driving around the wilds of Staffs … I got my cookie cutter groove on and got baking !!

I made a mountain of cookie hearts in all different sizes …. they looked amazing ! All golden brown and delicate ….. I was very proud of myself I must admit ! I then made 4 stacks of cookies … after decorating them with glitter gel icing pens ! And a little sprinkle of candy balls for the kids ….. ! A perfect Valentine gift for my 4 Valentines ! The kids loved them and demolished them without so much of a by your leave ……. Th’usband can have his when he gets in later on !

So for all my protestations and cancellations …. I did do Valentines ! Yay me !


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