The Search for Perfection ….

Monday 14th March 2011

Oh how neglectful I have been ! Whilst I have been baking loads , and retrying other recipes … I have also been struck down with Bloggers Block !  That and a catalogue of well documented ailments (on Twitter) that seems to be knocking me and the boys out one by one … then coming back and doing it all again …… Ah Roll on the Sunshine I say !

Anyhow … My brother very kindly asked me to bake some cupcakes for his evening wedding reception in April .. now after many a frustrating conversation  about what exactly they would like .. the decision has been made that they would like vanilla , chocolate and red velvet ! Huzzah .. we all thought ! Until I decided that my Vanilla cupcake recipe is not particularly brilliant …. My chocolate one is phenomenal (even if I do say so myself … ahem!) and the red velvet .. well to be fair , you can’t go far wrong with Nigella’s offering in her new book “Kitchen” ! So the hunt was on for THE vanilla cupcake recipe …. so far I have attempted 3 ! All good .. all light and tasty and everything you want in a cupcake .. yet all with something lacking in my eyes … the boys disagree .. they love them all (at least thats what I think they are saying .. as soggy crumbs hit my specs …) and th’usbands workmates are always very receptive to cake …… (Truckers and cake …. go figure ! lol)… so the search continues … Now blog faithful I only have 4 weeks until the wedding .. so I need recipes and I need them QUICK !!! Anybody out there want to share ???????


2 thoughts on “The Search for Perfection ….

  1. have you got a recipe now? (I’m a bit slow on the uptake!) I use Primrose Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe but I always think vanilla is vanilla really & needs a tasty frosting to make it special…let me know if you need any recipes – you could always go for the tried & tested madeira!! ha ha

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