Wedding Daze

May 3rd 2011

It’s only now almost a month after the event that I feel sufficiently recovered enought to write about my very first wedding baking extravaganza ! This was the wedding to rival all weddings and in that respect I felt absolutely no pressure to ensure that my little bro’s wedding cupcakes were perfect ….. not only in taste , but in presentation and in transportation ! For I kid you not .. I had to make , bake, decorate , store and transport approximately 7 dozen cupcakes .. from Derby (Super Derby) to the delightfully and incredibly posh Windsor !!! oh Lord …..

I began the baking process at 9 am with 2 dozen Red velvet cupcakes .. whereupon a knock came at my door , to reveal my Sister in Law to be’s brother who was oop North for work and we had cajoled into being a make up carrier (for I had 5 people to make up the following day .. professional kit needed .. too many boxes to fit in our car …) so it was down tools for tea and a chat ( and pressies from Liam that he had acquired from the hotel bathroom that very morning ..hee hee ) … ! then it was back to work  .. 2 dozen chocolate fudge cupcakes … 2 dozen vanilla cupcakes ( thank you jo Pratt @cookwithjopratt for an amazing recipe) … then another 2 dozen chocolate fudge as I was less than pleased with the first 2 dozen .. then another dozen vanilla as I had somehow burnt 4 of the original two dozen … Only 4 ! How ? I will never know !!!!!! Phew .. Im exhausted writing about it …..

Then onto the decs !!!! The red velvet got the obligatory cream cheese frosting … with various sprinkles and adornments in the colours of the wedding .. choc brown and deep red ! Unfortunately halfway through the construction of various colours and flavours of buttercream .. My mixer blew up and buckled ! I cannot begin to describe the absolute horror and shock and downright distraughtness (that isn’t a word .. but I’m having it anyway) … Th’usband returned from the nursery run to find this wannabe stood in the middle of the teensy kitchen .. covered head to foot in icing sugar …. just staring … catatonic in stature .. unable to even explain what had happened ! Finally when all was revealed .. he turned on his heels and headed off on a mercy mission …. ! Frantic phonecalls later he returns with the smallest , weediest looking hand mixer I have ever seen .. a sorry sight let me tell you ……! But undeterred I carried on …..Keep calm and carry On resonating through my head , drowning out the soft crooning of whoever Smooth Fm were playing at the time ……

Eventually my Blog faithful I was succesful .. an array of cakes .. decorated in brown and cream and red .. all laid out before me …. in their red and brown swirly cases ! So triumphant was I , I even made a box of cakes for one of the Ushers who had recently become a father … and then individually boxed and personally decorated cakes for the Bride and Groom …. In all honesty I was riding on a wave of euphoria and delirium at this point ! On a complete icing sugar high !!!! My feet stuck to the floor , my skin was crusted , my hair matted .. my apron which was once black now a rival for Josephs technicolour dreamcoat !!! But I’d done it Guys ..I’d blummin well done it !!!!

Kids collected , car packed ……. and we were on our way ………

And just look ….. Just look at how fantastic they looked …..!

The bride and groom didn’t look too bad either ……..


4 thoughts on “Wedding Daze

  1. well done, the cakes look fab! The big question is ‘will you be doing it again?’……. and I thought you were going to say that your husband came back with a Kitchen Aid!

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