I dreamed a dream …..

The other day I opened up my emails to discover an email from the lovely Vanessa Kimbell of www.prepped.co.uk  asking me to share with her my dreams …. this is a conversation Vanessa and I had had briefly in the past during our many phonecalls and emails … so I decided to sit back and reassess just what my dreams , goals , aspirations actually are .. here and now ……

I find myself working in an admin job for the NHS which in itself keeps the wolf from the door but gives me no stimulation nor motivation to progress further in the medical field  ( I once upon a time trained as a nurse … which in turn 15 years later led me to be doing the job I do today … data summarising ) .. what I truly enjoy doing .. is baking , cooking , writing and being out & about meeting new people , hearing their stories and taking inspiration from the wonderful array of people & experiences around me !T

This is all very well and good … but whats my dream ???? I have thought long & hard about this question and in all honesty .. just working with food doesn’t seem enough for me … I couldn’t go back to the hotel/pub industry in which I worked for a good few years as manager/supervisor/barmaid /waitress /kitchen supervisor …  I think the time is slowly approaching in my life where I need to make decisions and try as hard as I can to make my dreams come true …

I can hear you all now … ” so come on Ju .. whats the bloody dream ??”  … Ok here it is … I want to be succesful , whatever that means ! My dream is to wake up and look forward to the day .. to have a spring in my step and a song in my heart ! I dream that whatever I decide on or whatever hand fate deals me .. that I can do it with a happy smile on my face and not with the dragging feeling of MUST… I don’t want to live with Needs Must .. for the rest of my life !

Yes , of course having my own tea shop with a selection of amazing teas and coffees and an even more amazing selection of home baked cakes & fresh soups & bread  would be a real ream .. or to have a business sharing my joy of food with others in a formal/informal situation would be fabulous … or running workshops & parties for children showing them just how to enjoy the food they usually only see wrapped in plastic on a supermarket shelf …… I would love to forge a career in the world of food …. I would love to see my name on the shelves of bookshops or splashed across the internet (for all the right reasons .. ahem) and should any of these opportunites arise .. I certainly would be the last one to look a gift horse in the mouth ….

But my dream … my very real dream is … just that … I dream of happy success in whatever life throws at me .. I dream of loving every day for what it is … I dream of a changing perspective …. I dream …. I dream …………..

Dreaming the days away ... (thats not me by the way ..... )


5 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream …..

  1. Oh Julia you are such an honest writer. I found that I was a much much happier person when I got back from Vietnam. It put life into perspective for sure. Often being happy comes about by giving and you are such a generous person already so here is a wish for your dreams to come true.. you deserve it.

    I look forward to our delicious diet adventure !

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