MFB Mini Meet …Feeling “Hot, Hot,Hot..”

Avocado Thai Salsa ... after the troops had descended ...


Last Sunday saw the arrival of the lovely Jo  of @jos_kitchen (twitter) and her lovely partner Stuart and Louise  of @comidayvida with the gorgeous Baby G headed over to mine in Sunny Old Derbados for a get together and a BBQ ! helen and the Jessies  (of @jessies_online ) were also meant to come but the little’un decided that Sunday would be a good day to be poorly bad .. renedering a trip over the border from Staffs a no go !!!

Anyhow .. we had a lovely afternoon chatting about food , restaurants , food bloggers conferences and babies .. lots and lots of baby chat with Jo exoecting her first baby in ovember of this year !! And then I set th’usband upon the task of feeding us all ….  !! I had already prepped salads , dips , crisps and nuts … and slced a shed load of bread so there was nothing left to do but barbeque the meat and roast the new potatoes !  Louise had bought along a fab tortilla and Jo had made a magnificent cake ….. so all was ready to go !

To make my mark on the proceedings I decided to wow my guests with a bowl full of Thai Avocado salsa a recipe using products from My Secret Kitchen ( who I happen to work for  as an independent consultant ) and courtesy of the lovely Laura Virgoe (My Secret Kitchen ) …. Now this salsa was FAB ! and certainly packed a proper punch … maybe something to do with me replacing the green chili with hot red chilli … or maybe its just fab whichever way you make it … Thanks Laura .. I love this and it was a hit with others too..

If you fancy having a go to wow your guests at your next bbq or dinner party … here you go…

Avocado Thai Salsa


Filled a litre jug….but disappeared fast with 7 people!


2 Chopped avocados – chopped

1 small red onion – finely chopped

2 tomatoes (deseeded)  – chopped

1 red pepper –

1 green chilli -finely chopped

Handful of coriander – chopped

5-6 tbsp Thai Dressing with Kaffir Lime

Lemon & Chipotle Spiced Sea Salt to taste


serve with tortilla chips

Enjoy xx


Ps Photography was mostly done by Frankie England aged 4 and a bit !

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