Bipin’s Curry – Methi Masala


After reading my review of Gordon Ramsays Seriously Good sauces a while ago , I was kindly approached and asked if I would like to try out BIpins Curry Pots … to see what I thought of them ! Well … you asked the RIGHT girl .. as a Curryaholic I very nearly snapped the cyber hand off ….. as it were !!!!  I eagerly awaited the postman and already had the meal planned ….. so when the postman came a knocking .. I almost sent him flying in my eagerness and my overly excited chatter of  “A parcel for me .. really .. Gimme Gimme Gimme …. ” Good job our Postie knows me !!!!!

It had arrived .. this wonderful pot of curryness .. ! I read the instructions carefully .. and got dizzy with wonder over the thought of this little tub of ” fresh authentic herbs and spices ”  ! The thought of  all that ginger , garlic , chili , lemon, coriander and a “special methi (fenugreek) Gujurati spice blend ” .. Now I am quite a fan of fenugreek (methi) after a colleague of mine introducing me to green roti  … something I was sad not to have had available to eat along side this Methi masala !!

So when dinner time came … I got cooking ! The aroma of authentic Indian food filled my house and spilled out into the street …. Anybody could have been forgiven for thinking I’d got a real chef in  my kitchen conjuring up a feast of Indian amazingness … when in fact it was just little old me and a pot of Bipins magic** spices (**not actually magic ….) . The absolute simplicity of using these curry pots is wonderful …. fry , add and simmer ….. et voila ! You couldn’t actually make it any easier ……! Tastier , quicker and totally more fantastic than a takeaway … PLUS you choose what goes in it .. so you control the fat content (perfect for the likes of us watching our waistlines .. ahem) and you control what “kind” of curry you have ….. I made a chicken masala and added single cream at the end of cooking for a creamier dish ….. Next time I think I’ll go for a vegetarian/mushroom curry … hmmm the choices are endless … (not actually endless but you get my drift …)

So in all .. You can have an amazing curry quite literally in 20 minutes ….. Made in your own kitchen … Just think how proud you’ll feel when all the compliments roll in about your amazing Indian cookery skills !!!!

Nice one Bipin !!!!! Brilliant !!!!

You can purchase Bipins Curry Pots online at and follow them on Twitter @BipinsCurryPot

Go On … you won’t be disappointed 🙂



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