Derbyshire is More than a Bakewell Pudding ….

There I was , sat watching Jamie’s Great Britain thoroughly enjoying the trip through my beloved Midlands and the amazingly wonderful array of produce that we as a people of proud multi cultural heritage produce , when I found myself becoming really rather upset .. nay .. incensed …. ! Jamie had reached Derbyshire (Yay … beautiful , splendiferous Derbyshire ) .. whereas I had expected this to be a great opportunity for Derbyshire and our great producers to shine and get the promotion and coverage they jolly well deserve , Jamie disappointed me sorely as he set about making a BAKEWELL PUDDING/TART … (That argument can be addressed another time …) !! A Bakewell tart …. A blummin Bakewell tart …. and even that he bastardised with hazelnuts instead of almonds , cranberry jam instead of strawberry .. and a st clements icing ….. ICING !!!! Pffft … pleeeeeease ! Now I have alot of respect for Bakewell and the puddings/tarts for which the town has found fame …. I love going to Bakewell and soaking up the ye olde worlde feel it has … However … TAKE NOTE JAMIE OLIVER … DERBYSHIRE IS MORE THAN A BAKEWELL PUDDING …. Do you hear me …. ????

Now this little “incident” shall we say .. that saw me getting madder and madder with an inanimate object … and my well publicised bad back preventing me from turning the channel …..(as I couldn’t reach the control ..) actually got me to thinking about how Derbyshire needs to start shouting louder – showing the rest of the Midlands .. The UK .. why stop there .. THE WORLD ….exactly what this amazing county has to offer ! Recently I’ve been doing a bit of research into historical Derbyshire food  and have found some amazing  recipes , ideas , traditions and concepts …. You can read about some of my exploits over at  an amazing food and drink blog/website and soon to be mag in which myself and other Derbyshire enthusiasts are shouting all about how fantastic DERBYSHIRE is …..!! I wrote about Thor cake recently .. a long forgotten November treat that in it’s reawakening has been a major hit with all us cool kids of modern times ( Yes I include you in that Mum ! ) and why the heck not ?? Simple beautiful flavours that tell tales of our ancestory !!!

So Derbyshire – What have YOU got to offer ?? Shout up !! I’m asking all you amazing suppliers/independant bakers/cakers/makers  …. farm shops , market stalls … butchers … greengrocers …. ANYONE !! Send me your links in my comments .. Let’s get Derbyshire heard loud and proud  ….. Do you have recipes handed down through generations of Derbyshire folk ?? Do you have a foodie tale to tell ?? TELL ME WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT DERBYSHIRE !!!!!!!!

Let’s get this campaign started – Loud & Proud


Let’s make Derbyshire the best it can be …. The word is out …….



4 thoughts on “Derbyshire is More than a Bakewell Pudding ….

  1. Great blog, Ju. I’ve been working with food and drink producers in Derbyshire for the past few months as I carry out market research and take steps to launch Taste the Seasons.

    I have met some inspirational and passionate people, whether they’re producing chocolate brownies from their kitchen or rearing free-range Bronze turkeys at the top of a mountain. Also, the people who sell the produce in their cafes, delis and farm shops.

    There are many dozens of producers in Derbyshire, all making something of the highest quality, something beautiful and often something unique to the county.

    I love a good Bakewell Pudding on my trips up the A6 – but that particular treat has been established for hundreds of years and needs no introduction to the tourists.

    It’s about time we started looking at some of the food producers who’ve only been in business a few years or, in some cases, a few weeks.

    Take the delicious new Belper Pudding from Fresh Basil; the many and varied sausages at Croots, which seem to win industry Oscars every other week; and some of the wonderful fresh, organic fruit and veg to come from Melbourne. And what about our microbreweries? Some of those beers are world-beaters.

    Food and drink production has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years. So look beyond Bakewell, people. You’ll like what you find.

    • Andy , thank you so much … I need to try that Belper Pudding ! I did sample Fresh Basil turkish delight yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful …..! I’ll be looking into the places you’ve mentioned and many more besides I shouldn’t wonder ! Spread the word my man xxxxx

  2. Andy, love your idea of including micro breweries. After all, these ales have gone through a long “tweaking” process, using different recipies. Brewing is not too far removed from cooking!!

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