Happy New Year Folks

Well Hello there y’all !!!

I’ve been slightly despondant and a little bit neglectful of late for many many reasons … those of which you’d only be bored rigid reading about ! But suffice to say .. this little Wannabe Foodie lost her bloggin mojo after attending a conference !  A conference I hasten to add that I enjoyed thoroughly .. even the sage & thyme chocolate in a chicken stuffingy kind of weird way ! (I’ll maybe tell you more about that another day) but after the conference I felt very …. Inferior … a little bit useless and alot unbloggy !!

BUT it is now 2012 and I am ready to face the world head on !! I’ve had two pretty crappy years to be fair and so I made a conscious decision that 2012 was MY year !! I may not revolutionise the world , I may not run 24 marathons in 24 days , I may not even finish the book I started reading on my amazing kindle before 2013 arrives .. but I will make an effort to get to the places ( not actual places .. I don’t mean Copenhagen and the like …) that I want to go .. I will move in the right direction …. and I won’t set unrealistic targets !!!

In saying that folks I do have a couple of resolutions for 2012 … Hold tight , the excitement is an absolute stunner …

1) I will go and see my amazing friends more often … I make too many excuses but this year I won’t !

2) I will rid myself of deadwood … we all know what that means ….

3) I will blog at least once a week .. and if I miss a week I shall blog double bubble the following week (prepare for an influx kids)

4) I couldn’t miss this one out .. I will lose weight …and resume my shrinking foodie blog ……. I want to lose weight for me . for my health .. not for anyone or anything else ! I’m sick and tired of lugging this heft about with me ….

5) I will run … ahem .. jog .. Oh OK .. walk a half marathon this year ( me & th’usband are signed up for the Silverstone half in March …. Good Lord)

6) I will take steps to realise my dreams …. to  find some inner peace and to make smiling a new hobby of mine .. by hook or by crook !!

and now my friends I must leave you as my harsh task master Billy is forcing me out the door for a 5k walk ….. Oh Lummy !!!!

the new Ju starts here folks .. I hope you’ll come along for the ride ……

I’ve missed you Guys xxxx

happy New JU …… and happy new you .. and happy New Year ……. I’ve a feeling its gonna be a ball xx




7 thoughts on “Happy New Year Folks

  1. Julia you are such an inspiration! Good luck with everything. You are such a star. And you have no reason to feel inferior after the conference at all, I love your blog.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Lots of love Charlotte x

  2. whaa haaay! go there girl! You must start no.1 by coming to see us…..and I promise I will sort a date out soon, let me know when you’re free for a Saturday afternoon/night.
    Good on Billy for getting you out to do your training too!

  3. Hi Julia! Happy New Year! New Year, new start and all. Best of luck following your dreams this year. One of my resolutions this year is to comment on the blogs I read, as I know I appreciate it. Keep going through the bad and the good will be a breeze! Looking forward to hearing your news and reading about your journey and perhaps we can swop tips – I’m running the marathon in April! Let the good times begin :o)

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