The Leibster Blog Award


The Liebster Blog Award is given to favourite blogs with under 200 followers. It comes from the German word ‘Liebster’ meaning beloved or dearest.  I had never ever heard of this award so imagine my bufuzzlement at being nominated for one ! I was proud as punch if not a little scared … I’m not good with new things .. especially not ones I have no idea about !!! However , I did embrace the award and when I sat down to think about it  I realised there are a gazillion small blogs out there all with something to say to someone … and we should remember the “little people” (No not the Borrowers .. though they do have a place in my heart too ….!)!I was given the award by Janine of who is a fantastically talented lady who I have come to consider as a very dear friend of mine thanks to the power of social media & cake  and with that in mind , I can now nominate my 5 favourite blogs in line with the rules of the award: –

Show thanks to the bloggers who awarded you by linking back to their blogs…
– Post your top 5 blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs…
– Post the award on your blog!

Even I can manage that!

My first award goes to .. a fantastic blog I only recently discovered after a shout out on Twitter ! This blog combines food and music … what else is there in life … Seriously ! A brilliant blog that I can’t wait to get back to , to read and listen more and try out some of the great recipes and ideas that this is crammed with .

The next award go to Carly at   who is brand new to blogging and is documenting her life as it is now … her journey into homeschooling and her love of good bakes ! She’s also a local girl ( to me ) and I am looking forward to following her adventures .

Next up is the wonderful Lisa at a great blog about … food ! Each and every blog post gives you an insight into the wonderful culinary creations being cooked up by the Cookwitch . It’s charmingly written  and a joy to read ! The last post I read had me jumping up and down for joy ! She says what she thinks and no shillyshallying or dillydallying to be had !!! Hurrah !

My final two awards goes to and two fantastic blogs written by two lovely people ! I have followed both of them on twitter for aaaaaaaages and we were all part of the Prepparati (  a team of food bloggers who recipe tested for Vanessa Kimbell’s book Prepped) . these two blogs are beautifully written by foodies who know their stuff . I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them and conversing with these two fantastic people !

So there you have it .. why not pop along and have a mooch through their blogs ….. I’ve enjoyed discovering new blogs … perhaps you will too !!!

Thank you to Janine for nominating my blog …… It’s a great idea and has opened my eyes to so many more blogs out there with so much to offer 🙂 x


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