Valentine’s Schmalentines … Lovey Dovey Choc Fudge Cake !!!

Oh Ok .. It’s a lovely concept blah blah blah …. But surely if you love someone you can tell them anytime without any OTT expensive and downrighted commercialised displays of affection ! Bah Humbug …..!!! However , I do have friends who are newly madly in love and who have asked me to whip up some lovey dovey creation for their beau …. I don’t mind that ! It’s just me who’s an old misery guts ( and will still expect some display of affection on the day …. Double standards … MOI ? !!!!!) I think as age has wizened me and life beaten me to a pulp, Valentines just pales into insignificance .. as my boys show me they love me every day but their actions , hugs , kisses  and snuggles ! Love is as Love does ……

But for those of you who are in a bit of a quandry and want to show how much you love your man or woman … or son/daughter/Mum/Dad etc etc .. Here’s a fantastic little creation  .. Small enough to show you care .. easy enough not to cause palpitations in the kitchen ….

Lovey Dovey Choc Fudge cake

Cake : 100g caster sugar

100g butter softened (I use stork)

100g SR flour (then remove 3 tbsp flour and replace with cocoa)

3 tbsp cocoa

2 medium room temp eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp baking powder

1-2 tbsp milk

Fudge : 50 ml evaporated milk

50g granulated sugar

75g good quality dark choc

25g butter

Preheat oven 180 degrees.

Mix all cake ingredients together until smooth and glossy.. . pour into two greased & floured moulds and bake for 20 mins  (recipe actually says 15 but mine took 23 mins to be precise) (my moulds are small heart shaped moulds so this mix isn’t enough for a large cake but double the quantities if need be and lengthen cooking time)

Fudge: Put evap milk and sugar in a pan. Dissolve sugar at a low heat . Bring to the boil and let it simmer for 2-3 mins (don’t stir when simmering) remove from heat . Add in the chocolate and stir into the sugar mixture  . pop in the butter and stir until you have a glossy fudge. Put into a bowl and leave to go completely cold !

When cakes & fudge are completely cooled sandwich the two hearts together with the fudge , then smooth the rest of the fudge over the outside of the two cakes .. how smooth is up to you ! I like a finish that shows you’ve spent time on it but still has imperfections !!!

I then handcrafted a sugarpaste rose with leaves that I places on the heart cake ! For that hidden romantic in me …

I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow …. promise not to be too gnarly !!!! Lol !!

Happy Valentines Y’all …. LOve YOu xxxx



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