Studio One : A Review … Westfield , Derby

The day was blustery , the boy was restless and the boss was late !!!!  We were off to Studio One at the Westfield for what promised to be a bit of a slap up lunchtime feast ! The boss had been invited along .. and me and the Billster tagged along as a plus one with one … Little did I know I’d end up writing a review too … but hey .. why the heckers not !!!

I have actually eaten here before with th’usband .. an impromptu platter before heading off to watch a movie ( probably something to do with Zombies knowing us )  so I had a inkling of what to expect ….! The young waiter was very very polite and helpful .. couldn’t do enough for us ! Which always add a little joy to any eating experience …. ! The restaurant was clean and bright with a cream leather seating area and a funky cream pattern adorning the walls ! The bar area was clean , fresh and appealing ! Overrall opinion of the actual eating space & staff … just grand !

After ordering drinks .. a diet coke for The Boss and The Boy each .. and a large glass of Pinot Grigio for me ( well it would be rude not to ) we set about perusing the menu … The choice on the menu is great ! Not too much choice yet not too little .. a mixture of starters , mains , deserts and sharing platters  .. with a separate kids section ! I chose the Vegetable Pakora followed by the Cheese & Vegetable tart with a large salad . I’m not vegetarian but felt that the vegetarian choices were rather appealing on the day . The boy chose a Margharita pizza  and The boss opted for Japanese Torpedo prawns followed by Chicken and steak skewers.

My pakoras arrived and although ever so slightly overcooked  were very tasty and packed a spicy punch . the soured cream dip was very welcome . The Bosses Japanese Torpedo prawns whilst promising a tantalising experience were a bit of a dud with the sweet chilli dip being the star of the show !

My main course arived and I entered with gusto …. however the vegetable part of the name was slightly exaggerated finding minamal veggies  and maximal cheese  tomato sauce giving the entire dish a distinct pizza in pastry feel , this disappointed me but the enermous salad it was served with was a joy .. fresh  , vibrant and a cornucopia of colourful , flavoursome vegetables ( I was particularly taken with the addition of raw mushroom …. Just like my Mum used to do in salads) the dressing was divine and complemented the salad fantastically . The boss had his chicken & steak skewers .. and whilst the meat was perfectly cooked , there was an overall feeling that perhaps a little seasoning might have done them better justice . The boy had his pizza .. and I’m sad to say . as a self professed pizza connoisseur , he wasn’t overly impressed .. “not enough cheese”  and “not enough flavour” .. although he did munch his way through the lot .. and a fair few of the square cut chips we’d ordered as a side !

Feeling quite full at this point , The boss and I declined dessert but The Boy held no fear … ordering  a Chocolate & Ice cream combo ! It arrived , a grand affair of pink chocolate piggies , flakes , chocolate brownies and chocolate sauce with 3 handsome scoops of Ben & jerrys ice cream  ( you get to choose your flavours) !! The Ice cream was yummy .. I know this as I did feel the need to give a helping hand ( for research purposes you understand) however the accompaniaments left alot to be desired .. a flake is a flake at the end of the day …. but the sauce was .. indescribable , the only connection to chocolate that had was it’s colour .. the brownies could have done with being more moist and the pink choc piggies .. were cheap chocolate 😦  So sadly , not the triumph we wanted it to be … Good work on the Ben & Jerry;s though 🙂

All in all the restaurant is adequate for a quick bite before heading to see a movie , but it’s not a venue I would choose to go for a meal given a choice …!  There are parts of the menu I would recommend and others I would steer you clear of …However , the staff and venue itself are tip top 🙂 So work on the execution and get yourselves top of the shop ….. I may come back and see you again sometime ……

** I would like to thank Studio One , Westfield , Derby for inviting us to their restaurant & providing us with a meal “on the house” .

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5 thoughts on “Studio One : A Review … Westfield , Derby

  1. loving your slideshow missus! The food does look nicely presented but that tart does look more like a pizza – I wouldn’t be impressed with that!
    Hope you’re all ok xx

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