Tots 100 Book Review : Saved by Cake – Marian Keyes


It’s been an extremely tough and challenging fortnight here in this wannabe’s life … Very sadly & tragically I lost  a dear friend -God rest her soul . A very sad  time . The people of my hometown have also faced the very tragic loss of 8 of it’s children … all gone to be angels . So a very , very sad people you will find here in Derby.

This week has seen me fall foul of my old adversary , depression. A condition I have lived with for almost 20 years . Thankfully I have an amazing support network and 3 very brilliant children to pull me though and bring me back into the light when the darkness tries to claim me . I will be forever grateful to all of those around me , everyday.

What on earth am I rattling on about ? I hear you cry .. Well .. a few weeks ago my partner in crime & wine , Helen from recommended me to receive one of her favourite books The Hummingbird Bakery- Cake Days  as part of the Tots 100 book club in association with Tesco . Now I have chosen a book to review .. this being “Saved By Cake ” by Marian Keyes.

In this bright and vibrant book Marian gives us a candid account of her own nervous breakdown , her own descent into the depths of dark, dark depression . A very vivid account that struck a chord with me most intimately. her writing style has always delighted me and to read a piece writen by Marian about Marian was wonderful. Her hinesty and ability to make us see into her mind , to understand and appreciate the depths she fell to before starting the long , hard climb back to the surface was mindblowing. So truthful , so honest , so real Marian’s way of dealing with depression was /is to bake – bake anything , everything .. and lots of it !! You’ll be hard pressed not to smile at how she describes her mania ! Believe me .. just when you think you shouldn’t laugh .. a great big guffaw will escape !!  So in her avid passion for baking .. Saved by Cake was born ….

This book is full of real recipes , recipes from the heart , borrowed recipes from those she loves .. her own support network , recipes that have been stumbled across  and long loved recipes full of memories and happiness.

The book is broken down into chapters and she writes a little introduction to each one to explain why it’s there and what it means to her ( in fact she does this for virtually every recipe )

The chapters include



Cheesecakes ( My husbands favourite chapter)

Liquid Cakes


Meringues & Macaroons

Biscuits & Cookies

Fruit and Veg

Chocolate ( Well .. It would be rude not to …)

No pomp , no ceremony, no fiddly faffy unheard of ingredients . Just easily accessible good cooking to lighten the mind & soothe the soul !!

I decided to try out a few of the recipes and try something new .. so I made the Blokey Snickers Cheescake (YUM) , the Cola cake ( great if you like SWEET) and the cranberry macaroons .. although I had no cranberry sauce so they were in fact cranberryless macaroons …..!! I can honestly say , the recipes are easy to follow and the results … well .. take a look ….

All in all , a very enjoyable , not just another , cookbook – something for everyone! Bringing the important issue of taking care of your mental health into a forum whereby more people may try to understand – whilst eating really good cake !!!!!

I have recommended this book to fellow blogger & good friend Janine at to take up the Tots 100 book club baton !! Janine is a friend who I met through social networking and our mutual love of cake ! She will appreciate this book as she embarks on her brand new cake adventure  , realising her dreams .. opening her own coffee shop !!!  Go J Go !!! xxx


3 thoughts on “Tots 100 Book Review : Saved by Cake – Marian Keyes

  1. I’m definitely getting this book now, it sounds right up my street. Those macaroons look lovely.
    Thanks for the mention and so very sad to hear of the loss of all those lives.

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