Pavlova : Summers Final Fling …

Well Hello there …..

It’s been a while 😦  ! It seems I took an impromptu blog break to coincide with the kids being off school .. but now they are back I really have no more excuses .. and a head full of blogs !!

Now the weather seems to have taken a turn .. the wintry winds and cold night chills have not crept upon us but have made a spectacular entrance with a huge “TA-DAAAAAAH” … so I decided to throw caution to the  wind and see the summer out in style by treating the men in my life to a great big fruit laden pavlova ! The summeriest (is that a word) of puddings  I could possibly think of … so with wanton abandon I whisked eggs and sugar with a drop of lemon juice … baked the glossy eggy beauty .. then filled it with sweetened whipped cream , strawberries , peaches , figs and kiwi fruit ..

A splendiferous confection of fruity loveliness !!

Take that you quickening Autumnal days  .. Yah Boo sucks to you big black rain clouds …..

If my summer is over .. then I’ll finish it in style !!!!!!

It’s good to be back folks … See you very soon 🙂



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