The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike : Book review

The Hungry Student Trilogy

The Hungry Student Trilogy

The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike …. as the name suggests this is a book perfect for students …. ( and also families .. singletons .. young people .. older people … OK OK .. this book is perfect for anyone wanting to cook good honest food on a meagre budget !!)

I was a very lucky girl indeed in that I was asked by Charlotte to test some of the recipes in her trilogy of books before publication so I got to attempt recipes I probably wouldn’t have otherwise .. but I’m so glad I did !! Every recipe I have made out of this book has turned out perfectly .. not only a very modest admission about my own cooking abilities ( hee hee ) but also testament to how effectively this book has been written !

The recipes are aimed at all abilities .. and even the most accomplished of cooks couldn’t condemn it for it’s simplicity .. simply because the writing is aimed at all levels of capability !! Not an easy task .. Well done Charlotte !!

The book is broken down into chapters so aswell as all your information regarding what kitchen kit to have , storecupboard ingredients , clever cooking and how not to poison your friends ( Very important ) the recipes are broken down into the following chapters :

Stir Fries , Noodles & Rice
Soups, Stews & Curries
Jacket Poatatoes & Toppings
Easy Dinners
Feeding Friends
Salads, Veggies & Sides
In Bread & On Toast
The Morning After

A collection of chapters I’m sure you agree covers most if not all of what you will be eating during your time at Uni !!

I write this is a married 30 something mother of 3 and can honestly say .. for one I so wish I had had this cookbook when I was at University 19 years ago !! I might then have managed a diet that consisted more of decent homecooked grub instead of oven chips , onion rings and a generous helping of mayo !!!! and two … whilst this book is undeniably perfect for young people stepping into the big wide world of University & college it is also a fanatastic addition to ANYONE’S cookbook collection … I’ve found these books a godsend when I’m stuck for good filling and cheap familiy meals !!! and constantly find myself heading back to browse to choose our next meal !!

Now you may have noticed I said THESE books … whilst The Hungry Student Cookbook stands alone as a fabulous book … there are also 2 other books in the trilogy The Hungry Student Easy Baking and The Hungry Student egetarian Cookbook …. each as invaluable as the next !!

So if you’re headed off to Uni this year or you have a family member/ friend who is .. You wouldn’t go far wrong buying one or all 3 of these books !!! Their bellies ( and new found friends ..) will thank you !!!

You can buy these books at . Find out more by visiting or follow on twitter @hungrystudentbk or facebook /thehungrystudentcookbook.


3 thoughts on “The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike : Book review

  1. Hi Julia, I’m Chrissie and I’m a 32 year old that is scared of cooking. I can manage a great veg and tofu satay stir fri, jerk roasted veg stir fry, veggie fry up and I make delicious pizza. That’s the extent of my mad skillz. This book review is a godsend, thank you! Despite my boyfriend’s and ex landladies attempt at teaching me how to cook, and them telling me what the correct term for a simple white sauce is (I’ve forgot again, rulard?) I’m still pretty clueless. I’m about to order The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook after I finish this comment. I think unless I work through simple recipes myself (where no one can see me mess up and possibly have a little boo-hoo) I won’t ever be brave enough to start. Say thank you to Charlotte Pike for me, as I’m sure I will be doing after my first proper meal.

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