Great Bloggers Bake Off Week 9 – Canapes


So this week on the Great British Bake Off  we encountered St Mary of Berry  and the inimitable Mr Hollywood inviting the remaining contestants to show us their best savoury canapes .. using choux pastry , rough puff or shortcrust pastry and a. n . other ….. !!! They also had to wow us with the technical bake of a Charlotte Royale and a showstopper of  an Opera Cake !!!! All quite intimidating bakes in my eyes but still .. never one to shirk a challenge …


I chose the canapes ! mainly to accompany an afternoon of carpet cleaning and house sorting … canapes would serve as the perfect snack to nibble on throughout the afternoon !!! Multitasking at its best !! 🙂

I chose to do a puff pastry mini tartlet and a mini Yorkshire pudding ensemble !

Pentax Digital Camera


Stuffed Puff

One quantity of pastry .. You can make this yourself .. or go buy it !!! So many chefs these days buy their pastry ready made ..

I stuffed these little puff tarts  with a variety of fillings

* Sundried tomato tapenade ( Available at

*Peppadew peppers , finely chopped  (from a jar)

* mushrooms , thinly sliced

* Soft Goats cheese

* Anchovy stuffed olives


* Homemade red onion Jam

I filled my little tartlets withe the fillings and baked for 20 mins at 200 degrees ! Perfect little tangy morseld in no time at all !! Fabulous for a drinks party or when the girls descend for a wine & whine evening !!!

Pentax Digital Camera

My next bake was my  Mini Yorkshire Puddings with a twist …

Sunny Yorkies ( Makes 12 ) 

I make my yorkshires without measuring anything .. but for the purpose  of this I will give some measurements

1 large egg , free range

100g plain flour

150ml milk and/or water  ( I use a mixture)

2 tbsp dried oregano

1 garlic clove , crushed

Mix it all together until you get a runny but not watery consistency !!

Pentax Digital Camera

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

Pop a small bun tray in the oven with a drop of olive oil /lard in each bun hole  for about 10 mins ( do this before you make the batter )

Now , pour  the batter evenly into the bun tray  and bake for 20 mins until the yorkies are risen and golden brown .

Pentax Digital Camera

leave to cool slightly before removing from the tray .

Now top these with whatever you like to make your sun shine !! I topped mine with grilled bacon , sundried tomatoes and  artichoke pesto ( again available from )  a perfect combination with the exotic Mediterranean flavoured Yorkshire Puds !

These were stonkingly good … and didn’t last very long at all !!

Pentax Digital Camera

I’ve never been a canape person … more of a crisps and sausage roll type gal … but considering how blummin easy and how tasy these canapes were I think my guests will be in for a treat from now on !!!!!

Fancy joining in ( and being on time ) with The Great Bloggers Bake Off ??? Head on over and visit Helen Hollywood at and/or Jenny Berry at

Pentax Digital Camera



5 thoughts on “Great Bloggers Bake Off Week 9 – Canapes

  1. ooooh yum i would like to pop one or more of your bite sized morsels in my mouth please 🙂 i love the look of your sunny yorkshires mmmmm might have to try that for larger versions x
    thank you for joining in

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