Baking for Boys : Duerr’s Chocolate Orange Cake

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Happy New Year to you all !! Thanks for sticking with me !!

One of my many new year resolutions was to bake more with my boys … so when I was contacted by Duerrs to showcase their Baking For Boys masterclasses I would have been a fool to say no !!!  Resolution One : TICK !!

Duerrs is the oldest family owned jam makers in the whole of England . Based just up the road from me in Manchester they have been making quality jams & preserves for over 132 years !! Quite impressive I’d say …

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The first bake we attempted was the Chocolate Orange cake … Here’s how to do it !

The results were impressive … the cake was moist and rich and everything you want in a simple chocolate orange cake !!I didn’t need to use a food mixer .. all mixed by hand !!! Simply delicious and blummin’ easy to make !! Have a go !!

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PS It’s not just for boys 🙂


The jams & marmalades used in this bake were very kindly sent to me for the purpose of this blog . Many thanks .


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