Cauliflower Cheese Soup #GreatBritishBudget

Sometimes when faced with a load of veggies that are reaching their natural end you need to think outside the box , delve into the abyss that is your fridge and see just what you can do to avoid throwing anything away !! In this month of budgeting and saving money I did just that …


As I gazed around my kitchen I happened upon a sad looking cauliflower that just begged to be cooked .. well after only recently making cauliflower cheese I decided to try something a bit different with it .. and as soup season is upon us , what better way to use the unhappy vegetable , delight the stomachs of all recipients and use up the last dregs of whatever I had in … Cauliflower Cheese Soup was born !

1 med cauliflower cut into florets
1 apple cored and chopped
800 ml vegetable stock
1 mug of milk
salt & pepper
3 laughing cow blue cheese triangles

Boil the cauli & apple in the stock & milk until the veg is tender enough to blitz !
Blitz it up with a hand blender ( or in my case a smoothie maker !! )
Stir in the blue cheese triangles until they are melted.
Season with the S & P to taste !!

Easy as you like !!! Perfect winter warmer .. .

This makes around 4/5 large bowls of soup …. !! Now that’s how you save a few pennies !! Much better than a shop bought soup !!! You can freeze portions of this soup and defrost at your leisure !! Or stick in warmed up in a flask & take to work for your lunch ! Your options are endless … But mostly I just hope you enjoyed !!!!


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