M & S : Count On Us

We are well into February now and most New Year diet plans are well and truly forgotten … if indeed they made it past the post hangover Bacon buttie !! I too am guilty of this wanton display of nonchalant gluttony .. and I too am desperately looking to try and jump back on the healthy eating bandwagon in a humble yet triumphant style !! In order to help me do this I am no stranger to the ready meal … sometimes to keep within your calorie quotient for the day and to uphold your virtuous lifestyle you just have to give in to the lure of the microwave … and with Marks & Spencer’s new Count on Us range .. you can absolutely do that GUILT FREE !!!

You don’t have to miss out on all your favourite treats just because you are “on a diet” or following a healthy eating regime …No Way ! The Count on Us range at M & S brings us Pies, Curries, Moussaka , Brisket of beef in an ale gravy, tagines , jerk chicken , venison meatballs …. Now I don’t know about you , but that all sounds fantastic to me !!

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a couple of these dishes and I can honestly say I will be back for more . the portion sizes were adequate ( for the larger appetite just add more steamed vegetables) , the cooking times were quick enough to satisfy those ” must eat now” hunger pangs and the meals kept us full and not wanting to snack all evening !

I tried out the Roasted Butternut & Mushroom parpadelle in a creamy sauce with roasted mushrooms ! It was quite honestly delicious … the vegetables were cooked to perfection and the pasta portion was perfect for me . A whole bowl full of creamy delightfulness . A perfect weekday supper ! (342 cals)

The husband tried the Chicken & slow cooked mushrooms with baby onons in a rich red wine sauce with a healthy portion of vegetables.


He loved the rich sauce and was glad of the chicken not being breast but the more flavoursome thigh , the vegetables ( a mix of cabbage , carrots & swede) were beautifully steamed and complimented the chicken perfectly. Yet again a fantastic weekday supper at just 252 calories !!!! I kid you not !

I will definitely be stocking up with the Count on Us ready meal range for those .. “I really can’t be bothered to cook ” days .. it’ll save me money and save my waistline ( when it reappears again ! )

Good Stuff M & S !! I’m converted !

These ready meals were given to us FOC for the purpose of review. All thoughts & opinions on the meals are my own .


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