Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding



I had hoped to get this out to you in time for Mothers Day last week so that  you could all amaze & astound your lovely Mum’s with an amazing pudding to round off the Sunday dinner I’m sure you all lovingly prepared ….!! My Mum however was away babysitting my niece & nephew  so my hopes for decent grub lay soley at the feet of my 3 boys … so yes .. you’re right .. I managed to snaffle a diet coke whilst school shoe shopping and a Chinese takeaway when they had all eventually gone to bed !!!

Luckily for me the week previously my lovely Mum had invited us to dinner so I suggested I make this Mothers Day treat a week early …. and so I did !!


A delicious combination of real butter , delightful orange marmalade , decadent dark chocolate and that sweet brioche bread … This is a pudding to die for ….

(Click the link below for the full recipe & method : )

Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding



Not just for Mothers Day ! This is the perfect end to a family meal …. Unforgettable !!

Many thanks to Marks & Spencer who supplied the recipe & ingredients  complimentary for the purpose of this blog post .



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