Review: Peanut Hottie

 peanut hottie
As someone who loves peanuts.. chocolate peanuts , peanut butter , chocolate bars , salted peanuts… I jumped at the chance to try out a new concept in hot drinks .. the Peanut Hottie !! I was not disappointed … a big mug of smooth , sweet peanutty deliciousness .. perfect for an evenings bedtime slurp !
This drink is made up just as you would an instant hot chocolate so no faffing about just simply boil a kettle and pour !! I can’t speak highly enough of the Peanut Hottie … it smells of peanuts , it tastes of smooth peanuts and it really is a taste sensation !!
I will be buying this again as a store cupboard staple … I might even try it in a cake mixture ( as I would cocoa !! ) … Peanut Hottie Cake … oooh now you’re talking ….. watch this space !!!
This sample of Peanut Hottie was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review.Many Thanks .

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