Pizza Perfection : Ciccio’s Wood Fired Pizza’s

I’m sorry if you’re expecting an amazingly brilliant pizza recipe from me but it’s just not happening today (Maybe next week)!! But what I do want to tell you about is this amazing Pizza I had yesterday … My friend Marco set up this company a while back Ciccio’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza and has been so mobile that I haven’t had a chance to catch up with him until yesterday !! Now I’ve known Marco a long long time and I was in no doubt that his product would be fantastic … but guys , you really have to taste this pizza to believe it !! Authentic Italian street food … right here !!!


I chose to have one of the specials of the day a basil pesto , courgette and goats cheese pizza whilst Chris ( Th’usand) opted for a Prosciutto & rocket … and it was amazing ! The base so crisp and perfectly cooked in the wood fired oven , the toppings so fresh and bursting with flavour !! Ciccio’s certainly delivers … I would have loved to have eaten more , but sadly as I returned to the family , they were like a pack of hungry wolves and devoured the pizza in one fail swoop ! Chris had been savvy enough to munch his down on the walk back to the bar !!! The smile on his face told me all I needed to know of how much he enjoyed his pizza ( Didn’t offer me a bite though !!)

Ciccio’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza’s are as stated a mobile company with the oven expertly fitted onto a trailer .. making the whole outfit compact and contained …! They are perfect for any event , such as the May day fete we were at yesterday but would equally be amazing for a party , a wedding , fete’s , fairs , kids parties … Gosh the choice is endless !!!

I will certainly be seeking out Ciccio’s again … for fresh , fast , fantastic food you just can’t beat them ! Ten out of ten boys ….Believe the hype …. You’ll be back for more ! Tell them I sent you …



All opinions are my own . No payment was received for this review ! ( It’s just blummin’ good pizza 🙂 !! )


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