Britpop Bake !

I was asked  a few weeks ago to make a last minute birthday cake for a 30th birthday party as the recipients wife had totally forgotten to order a cake  … Fine I said , Not a problem I sad … what design would you like I said … 90’s inspired she said !!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ??? The nineties style wise was a bit of a no no .. I remember none too fondly the balloon pants & paisley tops … the purple suede boots and the disasters upon disasters of hair styles .. and colours ! Oh to be an Indie …!!  My only other thoughts of the 90’s swung to teenage drunken nights on 20/20 and Thunderbirds ( BLEURGH) …  but then I thought Hold on a minute ! … whilst I was a sulky ,pushing the boundaries teen in the 90’s .. this fella is 8 years younger !!! He would have been just a kid !! So I decided to go with Britpop … the dawn of music that was slighty edgy but a bit poppy and cool too … music to dance to with ridiculous lyrics and even more ridiculous looking singers …

The cake was a lemon Madeira filled with rich tangy lemon curd and lemon buttercream … a lemony explosion !!!!  And here it is …. I hope I did the 90’s justice ….





I’ve entered this cake into Casa Costello‘s Bake of the week ..
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