Ice Cream dreams with Magnum Marc de Champagne


The sun has been amazing of late wouldn’t you agree ?? Now I’m no sun worshipper … with the skin of a red head I tend to shy away from exposing my freckled flesh to the great outdoors in stifling heat … however with lovely sunny days comes the perfect opportunity to reach into the freezer and grab an ice cream !! I recently tried out the limited edition Magnum Silver Marc de Champagne ice cream which has been made  to celebrate Magnums 25th birthday this year and I kid you not it was pure delish !!!

The well known crack of the thick chocolate .. TICK !! In this instance a heady two tone chocolate- dark on the inside , white on the outside .. win win !

The creamy deliciousness we all love about a magnum … TICK !!

and then you get to it … the decadently luxurious champagne swirl hidden amongst the creamy loveliness … TICK !!!

A joy to behold !! A summery delight  of pure indulgence with the celebratory naughtiness of Marc de Champagne !


Go get yourself a box now … before they disappear !! You won’t be disappointed…


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