Christmas Camembert Parcels & Prosecco


Psssst !!!! Guess what ??  Christmas is coming …. ** ducks and runs for cover ** !! No seriously , we are 5 weeks away from the big man turning up  …5 weeks ! So that means I’ve got 5 weeks of Christmas food to bring you … and Christmas drinkies too !! I know … you’re very welcome !!

I was asked to review some fizzy wine for The Central England Co-operative #welikewine campaign … you can read more about that HERE … so I popped along to the local co-op  and bought myself a bottle of Prosecco ( and a cava!! Cheeky tipples I know)

This prosecco is made specifically for The co-operative  and is ” a pale straw yellow with delicate bubbles … it has an attractive floral and appley nose… it has well balanced acidity and the almond flavours traditionally typical of a prosecco ..” It goes on to state it would compliment seafood and fruity dishes ! However being a self confessed seafood hater … I found that it perfectly matched my camembert parcel and was in no way overpowered by the strong smooth baked cheese (see below)  the cranberry sauce worked fantastically well with the bubbles ! In fact I found the prosecco to be an absolute delight and one that will definitely be gracing our Christmas table !

I decided that to drink such a fine drink without a fine morsel would be a crying shame so I opted for our Christmas favourite of baked camembert and crusty bread with homemade cranberry sauce …. but this time I made it into a parcel !!! Very festive I know !! This complimented the fine sparkling wine and bought Christmas winging its way full throttle into our home !


Christmas Camembert Parcels 

1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry ( make your own if you like !!! )

250g camembert wheel

1 medium egg , beaten 

Unroll your pastry and cut a 1cm thick length off each side so you have 4 strips of pastry ready for decoration .

Place the cheese in the centre of the pastry square and bring the edges together to envelope the wheel. Cut off any excess – you don’t want big thick bits of pastry as this will be raw still after cooking ! 

Turn the parcel over .. now using 2 of the strips of pastry , lay them across the parcel to make it look like ribbon . next take the other strips and make a bow ! Place this on the parcel !!! I then cut out some holly leaves to place on top just to use up the extra bits ! To be honest you can decorate it how you like ! Whatever makes you happy ! 

Place your parcel in the fridge to chill for 15-30 minutes.

Preheat your oven to 220 degrees (200 degrees fan) .

Brush the parcel with the beaten egg and bake for 25-30 minutes !

Serve with the crusty bread & cranberry sauce … Pop the cork and let the festive season draw you in !!!


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