A not so shabby Chablis !


It was my birthday last week … I turned 21 again .. for the 19th time .. ouch ! So I decided to soften the blow ( and blur the edges) and treat myself to a decent bottle of wine ! As I browsed the shelves I decide on the co-op Chablis . Why a Chablis ? Well it always evokes memories of lazy Saturday evenings with my husband in the early days of our relationship … we’d cook a meal and sit drinking Chablis chattering away about all or hopes and plans for the future …

The Chablis I chose was perfectly dry  with the expected underlying citrus flavours . It was a smooth easy drink which tasted of class . Definitely a wine to choose for your dinner table with friends . The wine itself lends itself to seafood perfectly but as you may know by now … I’m no seafood or fish eater !!!  I instead would drink this when eating a perfectly simple tricolore salad  although my version is slightly different to the original version ..

Slices of ripe juicy tomatoes , generous slices of the best buffalo mozzarella and chunky slices of the best avocado drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt  finished off with the freshest basil ! That’s all the recipe you need … this is a perfect accompaniment to this delicious wine . the tomatoes enhance the citrus hues of the Chablis  with the cheese and avocado offering a smooth and complimentary flavour to the distinct Chablis undertones .


You can sail away to the Mediterranean in one cool crisp glass of this fantastic Chablis by The Co-operative . At around £9.99 a bottle it is also an affordable  treat for the weekend  and perfect for sharing with friends . I would definitely be buying this again for our next dinner party . But for now it was just perfect for my birthday celebration … tricolore salad , a fine Chablis and my boys . Perfect !

This is part of the Co-operatives #welike wine campaign find out more HERE


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