It’s an addiction …

I have an addiction !!  To some it may seem silly … to my husband it’s just plain annoying … to my kids … well it’s just Mum isn’t it? To my Mum it’s untidy and creating clutter … to me it’s just dandy !!! You see I’m addicted to BOOKS … cookery books to be precise … including Food History books , allotment books , dieting books , kids cookery books … you name it .. I’ll buy it ! I’m always seduced by a bargain … 1p for a tome of a book …. that’ll do for me … £1 for that book from the charity shop … yes  siree Bob that’s coming home with me ….

So now I have admitted it I will hereby solemnly declare to work my way through my 3 bookcases plus dotted around the house stacks of books and I promise to cook at least one .. if not two recipes from each book … with well over 300 books this should keep us going for a good while !!!

So my good people I urge you to kick my butt if I have not posted my take on a recipe … or indeed a recipe in its wholeness …in a while !

Now where to start ????



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