Limited Release : Calvet Merlot Bordeaux 2013


I’m not well known for drinking red wines … being a staunch dry white wine kinda gal … so I had to have a little help in telling you all about this wine Calvet Merlot Bordeux  …. which has been the wine of choice for the husband , brother in law and sister in law of late !  A mid range priced wine at £7.49 ( Derby prices ) it’s a weekend treat to wash down the morsels of good food placed on the table …!

The wine claims to  be a bright ruby red ( it is ! ) with purple reflections ( in some lights!) with an intense bouquet of red fruits with a hint of liquorice !! I know my husbands first sip illicited a ” ooooh ahhhhh mmmmm” so I’m imagining that’s a good thing ! ( It is !! )  The wine certainly delivered in what it promised.

This wine matched perfectly with a recent roast beef dinner that was served during a wonderful evening of wine and good friends ! Perfectly placed to enhance the intense flavours of the meat whilst bringing out the freshness and pure delight of the prepared vegetables . A splash ( and only a splash … too good to waste ) of this in the roast beef gravy was the absolute piece de resistance … amazingly rounding off the main meal with a hearty gravy of deliciousness .

This wine is also perfect to match with the wonderful cheese & cured meat board we decadently devoured …. fantastically balancing the flavours of the camembert with the tempting nutty flavour of the gouda and the tantalising saltiness of the prosciutto ! This Merlot was definitely a good all rounder and I imagine one that could quite easily be drank in a  drinks and nibbles situation with just a bowl of cashews and lots of great conversation to  wash it down with .

An absolute hit in this house !!

(Review courtesy of the husband )

This review is part of The Co-operatve’s #welikewine campaign that you can find more out about HERE


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