Review : Monte Giove Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay


The other night I went to a new restaurant in town where I was given a sample of a walnut , stilton and apple salad  … I’m not going to lie it was so delicious in its simplicity I had to recreate it at home ! So I did … then sat down to eat it with a chilled glass of Monte Giove  and my goodness … what a taste sensation !!  This heady mix of Italy’s classic white grape (pinot grigio) blended with the chardonnay grape make for a delightful white wine – They know what they’re doing with grapes in Italy !!

The blurb on the bottle tells me that this wine is perfect with grilled fish  which I am sure it would be ! It also tells me that the Monte Giove goes well with salads … that my friends is so very true ! The zesty lemon hints in the wine add extra crispness to the wine which has to be chilled to be enjoyed fully  where the floral hues compliment the grape blend magnificently .

Whist the weather is this amazing you should head out to your local co-op and grab yourself a bottle or 2 of this fantastic Italian wine , retaling at £5.99 a bottle . Whist at the co-op why not grab some walnuts , stilton and crisp green apples too and have a stunning salad to compliment this fantastic drink . Invite your mates over – it’s too good not to share !

This review is part of The Co-operative’s #welikewine campaign that you can find more out about HERE


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