The Treat Kitchen , Nottingham

treat kitchen

As a child I loved going up to the shops with my big sister … we would stand and stare in awe at the rows of jars of sweets whilst choosing which treat to savour that day – rhubarb and custard , kola kubes , kali , sweet peanuts , sherbert pips ….  so much choice … but then it seemed as we grew up … the magic was lost! The jars disappeared and the sweets became smaller and pre packaged 😦 The age of the sweet shop had died along with our childhood dreams … so just imagine my absolute joy when I was told about The Treat Kitchen only a stones throw away from my front door in Nottingham !!!

With 13 varieties of sugar free confectionery , 36 flavours of gourmet jelly beans ( try the cranberry and apple …. delicious burst of fruity goodness) , 38 varieties of boiled sweets  and 45 gourmet chocolates to choose from you are transported back to those heady days of indecision !!!

I was very fortunate to sample some of these delicious morsels … the jelly beans were delicious … being a sucker for jelly beans I simply have to try each and every flavour so I think a trip to the shop in the near future is in order … The twins thought the radioactive strawberry sours were amazing – met with first the horrific sourness that made their tabs flap followed by the sweetness of the strawberry – many a giggle did the reaction to those bring !!! The traditional rock transported us back to the seaside …. and the foam bananas … well I simply was not prepared to share !

All of the sweets were delicious and evoked many happy memories ! Amazing how the combination of sugar and childhood memories can make you smile so widely !!

The Treat Kitchen has just won Nottingham’s Independent Business of the Year 2015 !! So very well done to all involved … a much deserved accolade!! They are having a celebration in store TOMORROW ( 25th July 2015) with all sweets being 3 for 2 !! Pop along and fill  your basket whilst revisiting the happy dream filled worry free days of perfect confection ……

The Treat Kitchen can be found at 21-23 Wheeler gate , Nottingham  NG1 2NA

You won’t regret it …


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