Review: Paul Hollywood’s Rolls


A short while ago I was asked to review a selection of Paul Hollywood’s new part baked range . I love a part baked roll … it takes all the stress and time out of baking your own ( although I do still bake from scratch .. believe it or not ! )

I was slightly apprehensive about Paul’s baps … more so as I didn’t want to be disappointed in a product endorsed by the silver fox himself ! So with trepidation I baked some camembert and then baked them baps !!!  Well Mercy Me !! The aroma of fresh baked bread engulfed the kitchen … that itself was most pleasing !  I then cut into the roll after the amazing short baking time of 8 minutes  and it was delightful ! A lovely crisp exterior with a mouth wateringly soft centre ! Perfect for smothering in baked camembert and devouring instantly !!

Now I’m not going to lie … I was amazed ! It was a revelation in the intrepid world of part baked bread !! I am of a mind that perhaps this is why …

The range is made with a slow fermented starter (a blend of flour, water and yeast), which has been fermented for several hours before adding to the main dough to deliver a richer flavour. 

Well done Mr Hollywood , Sir ! Most delectable ! and a product I shall be hunting down in the future for absolute certain !!!

You too can try this wonderful bread … at a price of just £1.49 for 6 rolls  from Waitrose , Ocado , Tesco and Budgens !




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