A Wannabe “Slim” Foodie !!


The Before Pic

Yeah yeah yeah we’ve all heard it all before … right ?? Every January … February .. March and so on .. I promise myself that this is the month I tackle the issue that makes me the most miserable ! My weight !! You see as a lapsed foodie … yes I admit it I’ve been rather rubbish at “food” of late  … this wannabe foodie has relied an awful lot on the processed easy food that I can just bung in the oven … and been rather too indulgent in the odd takeaway … actually not all that odd  as the takeaway delivery man now stands and has conversations with the husband  ” How’s the kids ? ” … ” We’ve got you a little Christmas present ..!”  I kid you not !!   Anyway I digress …

I’ve recently been presented with an amazing opportunity to sort out my issues with over eating .. under moving .. and over stressing ! For the next 12 weeks I will be using a marvellous little download from www.thinkingslimmer.com – I will be logging my ups and downs and thoughts and feelings in my own personal log but I hope to be able to share some of those logs with you . I have quite a substantial amount of weight to lose so small steps … slowly slowly catchee monkey so they say !!!

I’ve listened to the pods for the last 4 days and I have to say not only are they forcing me to take a break – take some time out of my day – 8 little minutes of solitude (BLISS)  but they are really helping me to start to take the control back for myself ! So as I sailed past the camembert in Aldi this morning without giving the cheeky wee chap a backward glance I couldn’t help but smile to myself – especially as the crisps , despite calling my name , were given short thrift and I escaped from the shop with just exactly what I had gone in to buy !! Small steps … small victories !!

But never fear my faithful friends I am hoping to be able to bring you some wonderful recipes this year – going back to basics and bringing A Wannabe Foodie back to our roots . Food , life , love and laughter …

Happy New Year Lovelies x



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