Psssst ……

Hello you lovely lot … it appears I’ve been neglecting you all for some time !! For this I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies … the truth of it is , I kind of lost my lust for life in general and everything went a little dark . I wasn’t really in the best place to stun you all with my witty repartee and quite frankly I don’t think I would have had the energy if I’d have tried !!

I even took myself off to Blog On MSI to see if it could lift me from my bloggy doldrums and it just didn’t work – just served to make me feel even more inadequate , out of touch and old !!

To top it off  as you all know I turned 40 this year and since that dreaded number appeared everything seems to have gone a bit BLEURGH !!!! I’ve basically been a Misgog Mildred so it was better for me to take a step back and bore myself with my own melancholy than inflict it on the wider stratosphere !!

But anyway … I’m just here to tell you all I’M BACK and hopefully I’m going to amaze you all with some fantabulous creations of the finest fare !! I hope you don’t mind if I interject the odd story about them boys of mine and the wooftastic Freddie Bear …. I think it’s time A Wannabe Foodie celebrated life , family , love and laughter once more …. don’t you ??





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