Jaffa Cake- Epic fail !



It’s back … we’ve waited patiently through an amazing Olympics and now we are enjoying the spoils …

The Great British Bake Off – fast becoming a great British institution  as is the fantastic Great Bloggers Bake Off !! Hurrah …

I sat with most of the nation last Wednesday eagerly watching as the new contestants were put through their paces … firstly a drizzle cake .. and I was feeling rather confident at that .. Ha ! Who can’t make a decent drizzle I thought to myself !! turns out quite a few find it a struggle … Next onto Jaffa cakes … Well I sat there giving my armchair advice quite literally shouting at the TV that surely it wasn’t that blummin hard !!! Then onto the showstopper – a mirror glazed cake ! I sat down to digest the first episode and thought well good on you BBC , finally bringing it back to basics ! To good old fashioned baking !!

So  , now it was my turn !! I decided to go with Mary Berry’s Jaffa Cakes  with the naïve idea of showing these so called bakers just how easy it actually was ! Oh boy oh boy oh boy – How wrong was I ? Jaffa Cakes ? Jaffa fail !!!! The sponges were fine , the jelly was fine , the chocolate was fine but on construction of this spongey orange morsel it all went horrifically wrong !! I am an impatient person by nature – the chocolate was still far too warm that it hit the jelly and melted the orangey centre then slid off into the waiting tray …. and this happened time and time again ! Meaning after only 3 successful ish Jaffa cakes  I declared the whole sorry episode an Epic Jaffa Fail and consoled myself with a cup of tea and some sponge mess !!! I now take it all back – sorry GBBO contestants – I apologise profusely for the names I called you all on Wednesday evening , for ever questioning your ability as bakers and your eligibility to grace my screen ! I truly am sorry – Jaffa Cakes are hard !!! I will never ever venture there again …..

I have joined in with Week 1 of The Great Bloggers Bake Off – you can join in too here  with Mummy Mishaps .





7 thoughts on “Jaffa Cake- Epic fail !

  1. Ha Ha Love this post! It so easy to sit there saying anyone can do that call yourself bakers… and yet not try the bake themselves. Good on you for giving it a go I took the easy option and went for a drizzle cake bake. Must admit I thought the Jaffa cakes looked easy but a bit of a faff so didn’t bother now I’m rather glad a did give it a miss but at the back of my mind thinking could I do better? probably not!

  2. Trying these things out in our own kitchens really does show how hard the recipes can be even when they look deceptively simple. It’s bad enough to have fails in our own kitchens – I can’t even imagine how stressful it must be to have a fail in the tent! Good on you for still posting Julia – it is all too easy for bloggers to skip telling the world about the fails! Cheering you on for next week!

  3. Haha! I was an armchair worrior too I feel bad now ha ha I knew I’d screw up little Jaffa cakes which is why I did a big cake instead! I’d still eat a ‘Jaffa sponge mess’ they’re harder than they look!

  4. Oh i did enjoy reading your post, lol made me chuckle. Even if you feel you failed, i bet they still tasted good? they look good to me. You weren’t alone either, a lot of other bloggers said they were hard to cover with the chocolate . Still, well done for posting your attempt anyway and for linking up to #GBBOBloggers2016

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