Respect the Whirl -GBBO Week 2


Ooooops I did it again ! This weeks Great British Bake Off  was Biscuit week – How hard could a biscuit bake actually be ?  As we watched the contestants tackle iced biscuits – surely a doddle ? Then onto Mary’s Viennese Whirls … followed by a ginger biscuit structure of epic proportions ! We gasped as biscuits tumbled to the floor , as time ran out , as the elusive snap was more of a rip … we held our breath as the whirls disintegrated into smooth velveteen crumbs of buttery deliciousnes … we all  cried with dismay as ginger constructions collapsed and snapped …  I was fair exhausted by the end of the show !!

I had originally intended to make a batch of vanilla cookies and ice them with artistic flair  however  I decided to embrace the technical challenge once again ! I have never attempted a viennese finger so a whirl might just be the ending of me !! I used Mary’s recipe as why tamper with the best ?? And the results … well catastrophic actually !!! The dough was that short that it crumbled beyond recognition – tasted blimmin gorgeous , so silky and buttery and delicious ! But looked an absolute horror … I managed to salvage 2 fully constructed whirls !!  The rest of the biscuits were put in a tub and devoured without an ounce of respect !!!

So I say to you all – never underestimate the humble biccie ! Respect the whirl !!! Its a technical feat which yet again beat this baker !!! Next week  I’m having it – I promise you !!!

I have joined in with Week 2 of The Great Bloggers Bake Off – you can join in too here  with Mummy Mishaps


You can join in more baking fun with Tesco who kindly sponsored my bake this week ! Many thanks … Go visit their baking pages here 



8 thoughts on “Respect the Whirl -GBBO Week 2

  1. i love your honesty about the baking disaster – I regularly have my fair share of disasters too but if you can eat it anyway then that is a success in itself even if the look of it doesn’t turn out right (i remember my ‘macarons’ that had to be scraped off the paper into piles of crumbs and my son eating them and saying they were yummy). Haven’t watched this weeks yet as just got back from hols but can’t wait to see it – sounds interesting! #gbbobloggers2016

  2. I have to admit to gasping and saying whoops every time a biscuit structure crumbled and fell. In my opinion a good tasting biscuit is more important than a pretty biscuit x #GBBOBloggers2016

  3. Your whirl, even if it is only one, looks perfect. I didn’t use Mary’s recipe, but they were still delicious. #GBBOBloggers2016

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