Changes are afoot …



Oh dear ! Has it really been that long since I graced you with my presence ? My sincere apologies !! In the last 6 months or so I have gone through major life changes and somehow I lost a grip on the things that made me me !!

For one … I got made redundant  AGAIN !!! I know its like a bad habit of mine … I then went from having worked part time for 17 years to my first full time position since before my first born entered the world … and believe me a transition from a 15 hour working week to a Monday to Friday 8 until 4 timetable is punishing for the soul !!!  Not in an altogether bad way ! I’m now working in finance – who saw that coming ??? Its tough and I’ve got oodles to learn but I’ll get there …


Next in the ever continuing saga that is my life – I became ill !! I thought I was just tired due to the above ! But when after some rest time ( well as much rest time as you get with 3 kids and a mad dog) I was still enormously fatigued and having lost all zest for everything – work .. home … recreation .. . cooking .. writing … ( you catch my drift I’m sure)  – I took myself off to the docs  for some answers !! Over Christmas I had some bloods done and then a summons back to my Doc ! It appears I have something called Pernicious anaemia  and folate anaemia !! The folate side of things I’m dealing with by taking folic acid and increasing my intake of leafy greens  … I guess I should enthral you all with some recipes with them huh ??  The pernicious anaemia is being dealt with via regular B12 injections – just call me a human pin cushion !! I can’t say I’m feeling the benefits just yet and have spent the last month struck down with a plethora of colds, viruses and chest infections but I live in hope that I’ll improve in time !

So there we have it – I have my laptop back in working order after smashing the screen and subjecting it to a year lost under the sofa … and I have a slight stirring in my creative juices !!! I’ve also decided the change the focus of the blog back to how I started all those years ago – more focus on my family and boy friendly cooking ! Less focus on trying to run with the big boys … I’m just going to keep being me and bringing you fun family friendly recipes , cooking tips and anecdotes !!! I hope that’s ok ?

See you very soon  with a simpler than  simple family favourite 🙂 FLAPJACK !!!






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