Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world !!

As the name suggest I am a bit of a wannabe foodie .. who loves to cook and eat and try new things ….. and just generally experience all the wonders this world has to offer !!!

By day I am and a Mum to 3 gorgeous boys … By day I am  an assistant manager for a Live at Home scheme for the elderly

 I have recently just graduated from Uni with a BA(hons) in Education (specialising in SEN & Behaviour management ) ! So as you can tell I am a jack of all trades … however a master of none … so far ! I love to bake … and I love to cook … I like to try as much as I can .. this world has so much for us … lets grab it with both hands and drink (eat , gulp , slurp , etc etc) it all in  ….

So … I’m Juju ! I’m 39 and I live in a small town you may have heard of … Goes by the name of Derby !! lol ! Have lived here all my  days apart from a little jaunt to Matlock for a year and then a traitorous hop over the border to Leicestershire for a year or so …. The lure of my town always calling me back !

At home there are th’usband, Chris … who does a smidge of cooking but mostly drives a lorry for a living ! Then there are the 3 gorgeous little horrors  ! A beautiful yet very stroppy , too clever (for his own good) 14 year old … Our Bill ! and 2 very naughty , cheeky , loveable 7 year old rogues Ted and Frank ! All 4 of the fellas love to eat …. and eat they do .. so having a Mum/wife with an interest in food is possible quite an advantage for them ….. and appreciative they are (mostly!).

I will be delighting you (I hope) with the daily offerings of us The England Clan …. and I really hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our days as much as we do (most of the time …)

Julia xx

Any PR companies/Restaurants / Businesses wishing to contact me please do so at wannabefoodie76@gmail.com

I am willing to review relevant products, places , books & events .



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Being blind and having attended a school for the visually impaired I was interested to hear about your qualification in SEN. Integration of children with special needs into mainstream education appears to be the way the tide is flowing which is, on the whole right provided that children who are integrated receive the necessary support.

  2. Hi JuJu, there is a linky going around The Northwest Bloggers group called Room 101, you know where you get to choose a couple of things that annoy you and theoretically banish them to a room of no return. I linked you into my post and passed on the room to you (as it had been passed on to me), incase you wanted to have funny/ranty blog post about anything, it’s actually v cathartic. Here’s my post http://manchesterflickchick.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/room-101/

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